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Beginning of ScreamingBox

ScreamingBox was created by a group of entrepreneurs who were working in a variety of business sectors. After chatting about all the numerous issues they were experiencing, as well as the issues that their web, mobile, and product development clients were facing with building teams to develop digital products - the friends decided to do something about it.

Digital product development companies and agencies have all experienced the hassle of finding knowledgeable and experienced developers, finishing a project in record time, creating possible solutions to difficult business problems, all while keeping the cost under control.

We all wished that we could just stick our head in a box and scream about all of the business and development challenges we were facing, and when we pulled our heads out - all those problems would be solved.

It was with this thought that ScreamingBox was born at the end of 2012. A low overhead, remote company, that focused on finding the best senior developer, as well as the best UX and QA engineers; and providing the support and flexibility needed to solve the business and development challenges our clients faced.

ScreamingBox Mission:

"To provide world-class, effective, high quality, and technically leading digital development services to digital product and agency clients."

ScreamingBox Values

ScreamingBox Values

We do things differently at ScreamingBox because we’ve been in your shoes, and know what trouble areas to avoid. We don’t like headaches either, so we make every effort for things to be as simple and streamlined as possible in the development process.

Our values are focused on four specific areas:

  1. Quality Service - We are focused on providing you with the highest quality team extension services. This initially starts with our exceptional and unique way we choose our internal team members, which has allowed us to create a development team that consists of the highest level developers who are focused on quality.
  2. Security - Given the nature of our business and our clients, it is imperative that we maintain the highest level of security for intellectual property (IP) and information. We achieve this by implementing a comprehensive Security Policy, a rigorous Training Program, and a secure chain of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to safeguard our clients' IP and data. Furthermore, our compliance with GDPR standards adds an additional layer of protection to our operations.
  3. Efficient and Neat - Digital development can be challenging, complicated, and a bit messy. Our developers work to the latest best practices and additional client requirements to produce the most efficient and cleanest code possible. We produce code that is well documented, easy to understand, and simple to maintain and enhance.
  4. Resourcefulness - ScreamingBox developers are skillfully able to deal with new situations, difficulties, and shifting priorities. Our developers are self-motivated, advanced problem solvers, and can quickly find solutions to the most complex development challenges.

Our Experience Matters

After 11 years, ScreamingBox has worked on hundreds of projects, supplementing companies’ need to augment and extend their in-house development teams.

We have also provided companies with temporary development staff who have assisted with their own in-house development teams, and developed full products for clients who had no technical staff.

This flexibility has driven our explosive growth because of our specialized team building and development process; combined with our flexible business structure differentiates us from other development companies.

ScreamingBox About - Experience


ScreamingBox’s founders have been friends and working together for decades. They have excelled at running a variety of businesses in the past, but ScreamingBox is their passion and focus and a way to utilize their extensive business experience to help ScreamingBox clients.

Dave Erickson:

Dave Erickson has 30 years of diverse business experience covering a variety of industries. As a serial entrepreneur, he has started, owned, and run businesses in the USA and Europe, as well as doing extensive business in Asia. In addition to overseeing ScreamingBox, he is currently the CEO of Rainmaker Content Marketing, a content writing agency. He was also the primary partner in building the Fatal1ty gaming brand and licensing program, and has an extensive background in e-Sports, gaming, electronic manufacturing, publishing, marketing, product development and brand licensing.

Balazs Beregnyei:

Balazs Beregnyei has 21 years of embedded software and hardware development experience, including the hardware and interface development of several full custom ARM Linux Printed Circuit Boards for different projects, FPGA-based high speed digital hardware, and micro-controller based applications. He is a leading embedded developer, with a deep software and hardware understanding, design for testability and manufacturability, project management, web applications and technologies, and hardware and software reverse engineering.

We Are Here for You

ScreamingBox's digital product experts are ready to help you grow. What are you building now?

ScreamingBox provides quick turn-around and turnkey digital product development by leveraging the power of remote developers, designers, and strategists. We are able to deliver the scalability and flexibility of a digital agency while maintaining the competitive cost, friendliness and accountability of a freelancer. Efficient Pricing, High Quality and Senior Level Experience is the ScreamingBox result. Let's discuss how we can help with your development needs, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set-up a call.

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