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When you’re starting a journey with your business, you must develop an aesthetically looking design. You may even find the perfect one for your brand and see good results for a while.

Yet, that particular design doesn’t have to live forever in your brand. Trends in the industry change, your potential customers evolve, and you can even discover more things about your brand in the way. That’s why you need to be aware of the signs and become more resilient. Today, we will show you three reasons why your brand needs a redesign.

1. Your Target Audience Changed

The first sign that’ll warn you about the need for a brand redesign is the change in your target audience. Initially, you may have a particular target audience that is interested in your products. However, whenever you launch a new product or service, your target personas may change. This is when you must consider a brand redesign.

Each of those target personas that land on your website may have different needs, and you need to align your site with those expectations. This is highly related to user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design.

Some of the aspects you need to change about your website to meet your new potential customers’ needs include:

Changing the distribution of your website by creating new user pathways.

Update your content so that it matches what the new target users are looking for.

Change the functionality and design elements in your platform so they align with your new purpose.

When it comes to your entire brand design, other factors may have to change. Some of the things that you can change are your logo, your communication methods, and the colors you use.

2. Your Brand’s Purpose Was Updated

Your brand’s purpose is essential when it comes to considering a brand redesign. Whenever your business goals change, you need to check if your brand’s image aligns with them.

Whether your goals are to generate more leads, engagement, or enter a new market, it’s crucial to use your marketing efforts to achieve them. If your brand has a new purpose, then it’s time to change your message with new features or a responsive web design.

3. Industry-Specific Design Trends Changed

A rebranding strategy can often be used whenever there are new design trends. It usually makes your website look outdated or inefficient. You can shift your current design to a reliable one that attracts potential clients.

There are many design trends out there that you can use as inspiration. Let’s take flat design, for example. It’s a design trend that consists of two-dimensional visual elements and bright colors. This is particularly beneficial if you are trying to improve the loading time of your website. You can also provide a more simplistic look to your corporate image.

4. Your Clients Are Complaining

It is crucial to pay attention to customer service requirements. This is where your audience will express their feelings about your brand. Client feedback will help you can identify if you need a complete redesign process.

If you find customer testimonials saying that they can’t find your website or have issues when buying your products, it may be time for rebranding.

5. Your Brand’s Design Looks Untrustworthy

A study  published in 2004 revealed that 94% of first impressions are related to design. This means that a poor design could ultimately make you seem untrustworthy regardless of the value of your content.

On the other hand, another research conducted by Edelman in 2019 revealed that 81% of consumers buy products based on the trust they have in that particular company . If you ever face issues with showing trustworthiness, you should consider a rebranding strategy.

6. Your Branding Had a Bad Foundation

Your brand design must have a solid foundation on which all of the marketing efforts will rely. Having a poorly constructed brand foundation will end up in you having to put Band-Aids on unsolvable problems. You will spend more money and effort on fixing superficial issues, and the negative impact will be higher.

You should start working on a redesign strategy if you have a bad branding foundation. It may seem like a step back because you will have to work on the roots of your content strategy, but it’ll be worth it.

Some of the things you will need to work on are:

Determine your brand’s message. This message is your brand’s identity. It should show why your company exists, how you differentiate from others and your story.

Create a cohesive and consistent design. Your corporate design should reflect your company’s identity. It should also be consistent in every aspect of your organization. This means that you have to integrate this design into your website, a well-designed logo, marketing channels, and all visual elements in your company.

In Summary

A brand redesign may be challenging, and as we mentioned earlier, it may feel like a step back, but it’s the complete opposite. You will be updating your brand’s image so that it matches your current goals and expectations.

Keep in mind that a redesign strategy is not always necessary, so you need to be aware of the signs that warn you about the need for a new focus. This could be because you’re changing your target audience, your brand looks outdated, or simply because you want to head out in a different direction.

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