Event - Virtual Workshop - Rapid Prototyping of GPT4 Functionality with Python/Streamlit

by Dave Erickson
2 mins read
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Discover the exciting world of rapid prototyping with GPT-4 and Streamlit in our interactive workshop!

This unique event is designed for developers, data scientists, and tech enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

You can join the workshop via Microsoft Teams and the provided Meeting Link. You should have OpenAI API Access if you want to test the code during the demonstration, and you should have a basic knowledge of Python.

In this workshop you'll learn to create innovative prototypes using Python and Streamlit, harnessing the capabilities of GPT-4.

We will guide you through a series of engaging mini-projects, encompassing a wide range of GPT-4 applications:

  1. Chatbot Development: Learn how to create interactive chatbots with GPT-4 and streamlit.
  2. Fine-Tuning Chatbots: Customize your chatbots for specific needs, offering a more targeted user experience.
  3. Utilizing Embeddings: Explore how embeddings can enhance the performance of your applications.
  4. Vision: Use the vision API of GPT-4 meaningfully.
  5. Integrating Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text: Understand how to incorporate speech recognition features into your projects for greater user accessibility.
  6. Building Personal Assistants: Develop personalized assistants powered by GPT-4 that ease your life.

Each project is directly implemented in Python using Streamlit and can be directly hosted on the Streamlit Cloud, giving you the opportunity to test and present your applications live.

This workshop is not just a chance to gain practical experience, but also to expand your network within the tech community and learn from industry experts.

During the workshop you can opt for joining our Discord Server to be part of a growing community of practical AI enthusiasts.

Whether you're looking to enhance your AI development skills or just get a glimpse into the future of technology, this workshop provides the knowledge and tools you need to turn your ideas into reality.

** Register now and be at the forefront of technological innovation!

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