Technology & Business Rundown Podcast #10 Entering Global Markets

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Join our Host Dave Erickson and Botond Seres as they grill our guest Tyler Johnson about his 20 year experience in entering new global markets, and how he was able to overcome cultural and linguistic challenges and help Dell Computer to enter the highly competitive Chinese market.

Tyler Johnson is the Founder of Laowai Enterprises , a consulting company that specializes in go-to market strategies, product fit, use cases, sales/marketing, revenue streams across foreign countries and unknown environments. He advises executives and founders across medium sized companies and start-up automation technology companies on new products and alternative markets. He provides strategic views on various countries in order to analyze geopolitical risks, political strategies or geopolitical strategies for products and for offerings.

He spent 20+ years with Dell Technologies in Go To Market, Sales, Marketing across hardware/software/ services, and spent 10 of those years living in Shanghai China building Dell’s presence in China. He is on the Board of advisors for the George H W Bush Foundation on US-China Relations, and is a Board Member Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce.

Tyler is also a Published Author with his book “The Way of The Laowai: The Importance of International Self-Awareness for Business.”

Find the answer to critical questions about entering new international markets: What should founders do who are looking to go outside of their home market into international markets? What are some of the things they need to think about and look at in order for them to do that? How do you find out the market needs for a certain demographic in international markets? Are businesses going to be looking at starting a business in other countries to get an advantage in taxes, growth and markets? How critical was it when working with Dell and hardware and software services and products to understand what was actually being developed in the local market? How much of that study do you have to do and how did you do that in a market that you are not familiar with the language? For an SMB or a startup that wants to go into an international market, what should they be focusing on first?

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