Technology and Business Rundown Podcast #9 No-Code Technologies and Development

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Our guest Jen Kramer joins our hosts Dave Erickson, Iman Kaur and Botond Seres for an informative and exciting deep dive into the world of No-Code Technologies and Development.

Jen Kramer has been teaching & practicing web design for over 20 years. Formerly an award-winning Harvard lecturer, she’s currently a freelance no-code, HTML, and CSS educator. She has also created over 60 courses for LinkedIn Learning, Frontend Masters, and more.

In this month’s ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown Podcast, we ask Jen what she means by teaching about building “Quality Websites”? What does she mean by that and how does No-Code fit into that teaching? In the past No-Code elements were not very flexible or customizable, has that changed recently? How do developers add customization to No-Code projects? How has No-Code developed in the last few years? Should you use a design tool like Figma first, or should you design right in the No-code platform like Webflow? What does she see for the future of No-Code platforms and as a business direction for developers and agencies?

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Some of No-Code / Low-Code platforms mentioned in this Podcast:

Laugh, cry and shake your head with our hosts and our special guest, as they try to define what are No-Code and Low-Code technologies, and just how businesses and development agencies apply them for lower cost coding.

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