Valuing Time

by Dave Erickson
3 mins read
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The value of things is changing. It seems like a simple sentence, but it is actually very complex. January 2020 was the beginning of when the world and our lives began to change forever, and now four years later, we are really starting to understand what those changes are and how they are affecting us.

The value of time is changing, and in the last couple of years many people have discovered how much they work, or how little they work or how they work determines the value of their time. People now want to work less hours to spend more time with their families; some people have spent too much time with their families and now want to work more hours, and some people just want to work in someplace that is not their home full of family.

More people are finding that they would rather choose how much they work, how much they get paid and where they work, which is something that many of our developers have been doing quite awhile as freelance developers.

One of the things that we have found is that companies and developers are looking for different things, but they are all looking for specific things. It is lining those things up which seems to be getting more difficult.

ScreamingBox developers are always giving us feedback, and recently some of the feedback we have been given is about how developers are seeing the value of what we do in a way they didn’t see before. Developers have so many job/project options, they now appreciate how ScreamingBox helps find, qualify and define the job/project for them so they don’t have to focus on trying to determine if it is going to be a good job, or company to work with and can focus more on the interview process and getting to work.

In addition, our personality testing of both our clients and our developers is now more appreciated, since it helps ensure for the developers that the client side people they will be working with will be a good match from a personality and workflow perspective. This is a big advantage for developers and clients, since it can be difficult and stressful when a developer or client is working with someone they don’t like, don’t get along with or whose work style doesn’t line up. The end result of that is wasted time, frustration and broken relationships. That is why we do this our Personality Behavior Assessment in the first place, to really reduce the possibility of stressful relationships between developers and clients and to make for a smooth and positive relationship and work outcome.

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