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APTATEK - Mobile Product Development

Aptatek started in 2015 out of Columbia University and received more funding in 2017 to establish research and developed collaborations as part of their commercialization. Their core technology uses DNA aptamer sequences to detect small molecule biomarkers and detect small molecules.


Industry = Biosciences

Product Type = Mobile, Android, iOS, IOT

SB Product Development = Website, UX, Android Native Apps, Flutter Cross Platform Apps


What if you could monitor yourself at home?

Aptatek currently diagnoses and monitors inborn diseases in an easy-to-use, portable device. Their proprietary design has been clinically proven with more than 40 small molecules that are not detectable in outside labs with real time results.

Aptatek is a handheld device that is battery powered and Bluetooth-enabled, allowing patients or doctors to use at home. Read more about their Solution of Portable Disease Management Devices on their website.


The ScreamingBox Mobile Development Process

ScreamingBox is working within a “traditional project setup” on the Aptatek Android project in a team with 3 part time developers, 1 tech-lead, 1 project manager who is also a Healthcare industry expert, 1 designer and a QA tester joined the project.

Initially we successfully completed the requirement analysis from a "rough idea” collecting all the possible use-cases, features, and finally, a complete design, prototype and wireframes gets successfully delivered. ScreamingBox provided a detailed estimation for the development of the prototype which helped the client to finish his business-plan and look for investors.

In the second phase, we are finalizing and implementing what we designed and estimated in the first round in addition to several new features. The initial native Android app was recently complemented with the iOS app developed in 2023 by ScreamingBox using the Flutter Cross Platform development platform. The Android app will be converted to the Flutter platform, which will result in both the Android and iOS apps being on a single platform, lowering maintenance and updating cost.

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